Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Pocket Computer Revolution?

Today I am reporting on three different but related news stories which I believe are indicators of a new trend that I have been predicting.

Has the notebook-to-handheld conversion begun?

Start-up merges cell phone and PC into a handheld

Will pocket-size Sony PC take on iPod?

All three of these articles deal with the advent of new technologies that are allowing for devices that fit in the pocket yet have the power, roughly, of a desk-top PC. As it stands most of these devices are still quite expensive but that will no doubt change.

I find this development to be exciting because I see these technologies as the beginning of a trend with radical consequences for the trend of exponential acceleration of technology. This is because one of the largest problems with information access these days is being able to immediately access and process information precisely when that information is needed.

Already this problem is being solved by the proliferation of so-called smart-phones. However, smart-phones are presently not that smart. But as the gap closes between the power of lap-tops and smart-phones combined with the spread of hi-speed wireless Internet access the utility of the Internet will take a quantum leap forward. This technology will fuel the 'smart-mob' phenomenon and result in underrepresented abilities for corporations to coordinate their businesses. Additionally this technology will allow for unprecedented creativity by allowing individuals to collaborate on ideas all over the world. The possibilities of this technology are limited only by the imagination.

I'll make a conservative prediction that by the end of 2006 these handheld machines will cost half as much as they do now (roughly $1,500) and by 2007 they will begin to rapidly proliferate and will, by then, become a must-have for business people and shortly thereafter for everyone.


Just hold your breath a bit longer. With the advances in tech that I've seen in the trades I'm predicting that within 5 years we'll have a "one unit does it all" that will comfortably fit in your pocket with more computing power than the top-of-the-line computer that is sitting on your desk-top today.

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