Friday, October 07, 2005

Freedom of the Net

I just came across this piece of commentary from a reader over at slashdot and thought it was worth sharing as I am an in complete agreement with the writer.

It really peeves me when we add laws on top of laws rather than repealing bad ones and drafting new ones to cover changes. Innovation has occurred for thousands of years without copyright or patent protection. Free use wasn't even a phrase until we started to see tyrannical laws that abuse basic rights, inherent to all humans regardless of what their governments say or do.

Whatever movement is made in the law books, nothing will matter. The Internet combines the wishes of billions, disregarding every law. Funny thing is, the Internet really lets the free market shine without trampling on the basic human rights.

The Net won't murder, won't rape, won't rob from your home or incur taxes you don't want to pay. It won't restrict your right to speak freely, it won't take your guns away, it won't harbor troops in your home.

As more people embrace the Net, more will use the rights they were born with. More will commit legal crimes that are morally acceptable.

In the long run, maybe we'll see laws that protect life, liberal and property rights rather than laws controlling thought or non-violent actions.

Do bloggers worry about copyright? Do musicians on purevolume worry? Do researchers posting their theses care?

Everything I dream of in my free market world is coming true online, and no law is stopping it. Boucher's bill won't do jack. Repeal copyright and you'll see more innovation than ever.

Why release good music freely? Fans may pay you for more, or a production company might hire you to write something for them, or you might gain customers for your live shows, or you might get people to your site to gain AdSense revenue. Copyright won't protect your income-via-monopoly much longer.

Unfortunantly I'm not sure who to give credit to here but you can see the original here.
Update: Also check out this post over at worldchanging about some predictions that founder of wikipedia Jimmy Wales made about the future of free culture.


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